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Our Constitution


Connecticut Women's Basketball Hall of Fame



The Connecticut Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame (C.W.B.H.O.F.) was founded in 1987 (by Dr. Ann V. Fariss, Tony Candido, Louise Albrecht, Dr. Brenda A. Reilly, and Linda Wooster) to establish a platform to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of those who, either through participation, support, service or achievement has contributed to the enhancement of women’s basketball in the State of Connecticut. Inductees will be those candidates who have distinguished themselves through excellence and who have helped to bring acclaim, honor, and distinction to Connecticut Women's basketball.



Central Connecticut State University, Kaiser Gymnasium, in the Dr. Brenda A. Reilly Gallery, New Britain, Connecticut, 06050.



Qualification for induction into the C.W.B.H.O.F. shall be as follows: 


A. Eligibility

1. Eligibility shall be based on the athletic achievements or athletic contributions of the individual.


B. Induction Categories:

1. A High School Player

a. Can be nominated at any time beginning five years after graduation; and

b. Must have graduated from a Connecticut high school.

2. A High School Coach

a. Must have been a head coach for a minimum of 10 years at the high school level in Connecticut.

3. College Player(s): To ensure divisional representation, there are two categories: (A) Large Division (B) Medium/Small Division.

a. Can be nominated at any time beginning five years after completion of college eligibility; and, 

b. Must have completed college eligibility at a Connecticut college or university or a Connecticut high school graduate who has completed her eligibility at an out-of-state college or university.

4. A College Coach

a. Must have been a Connecticut college coach for 5 years or more and must have coached for a total of 10 years in a Connecticut high school/college.

5. Referee

a. Must have officiated basketball for a minimum of 10 years in Connecticut; and, 

b. Must have officiated at the high school or collegiate championship level (excluded from this stipulation are those who officiated prior to 1974 when there were no championships.)

6. An Honorary Nominee

a. Must have demonstrated extraordinary dedication to and support of Connecticut high school or collegiate women’s basketball; or, 

b. Made significant contributions to the development or advancement of Connecticut girl's and women’s athletic programs in a school, college, amateur, industrial, or recreational setting.

C. Selection to the CWBHOF

1. All categories need not be filled annually.

a. Selection shall be made on the basis of satisfying the criteria and demonstrating integrity, sportsmanship, character, and contribution to Connecticut girls and women’s basketball.

b. More than one person may be selected in any calendar year in each category.

c. No more than seven (7) new inductees will be selected per calendar year.

d. A person may be inducted under only one category.

D. Nominations for Selection of Inductees:

1. All new nominations must be received by the Chairperson of the Nominating Committee by the first Monday in October.

2. The Nominating Committee shall meet in May to review new and past nominations and shall determine which nominees, if any, meet the criteria to be recommended to the Board of Directors for selection into the Hall of Fame.

3. To be recommended to the Board of Directors, a nominee must receive at least two-thirds vote of the Nominating Committee.

4. To be selected, a nominee must be approved by two-thirds of the Board of Directors.

5. Nominated individuals shall remain among the active nominees for the duration of the Hall of Fame.


The CWBHOF Committees shall be administered by the Executive Director and the Executive Board.

A. The Executive Board consists of the founders of the CWBHOF.

B. Executive Director/President--Appointed by the Executive Board.

1. Direct and coordinate Hall of Fame business to include fiscal management, files, records, and mailings.

2. Organize and promote the awards banquet.

3. Responsible for all correspondence.

4. Preside over all meetings.

5. Appoint committee members.

6. Coordinate the promotion of the Hall of Fame.

7. Designate one of the Founders to assume the duties of the Executive Director/President in his/her absence.

8.Coordinate the presentation of awards to the inductees at the banquet.

9. Arrange for inductees’ photographs to be placed in the Hall of Fame at Central Connecticut State University.

C. Board of Directors– Executive Direct/President, Secretary, Treasurer, Founders, Chairpersons, and At Large Members.

D. Secretary – Appointed by Executive Board.

1. Record the minutes of all meetings

2. Assist Treasurer with the maintenance of membership addresses.

E. Treasurer - Appointed by Executive Board.

1. Responsible for fiscal management and annual audit.

2. Maintain membership addresses.

F. Term of Office:

1. Officers will be chosen by the Executive Board.

2. The Executive Board will fill all vacant offices.


The following standing committee chairpersons will be appointed by the Executive Director/President with the approval of the Board of Directors.

A. Nomination Committee: The Nomination Committee shall consist of a minimum of 4 members and a Chairperson (appointed by the Executive Director/President). At least one founder will be a member of the nominating committee. The committee will administer the nominations process and shall:

1. Seek nominations of potential candidates through all possible channels.

2. Shall meet to review nominations and shall determine which nominees are to be forwarded for consideration by the Board of Directors.

3. Nominee(s) receiving votes from at least two-thirds of the Nominating Committee members will be submitted to the Board of Directors for induction into the Hall of Fame.

4. The Chairperson shall maintain updated files of all nominees.

B. Banquet Committee:

1. Select banquet facility (place, time, date) with approval of the Executive Board.

2. Coordinate tickets, program, engage a speaker, and presentation of awards.

C. Publicity Committee:

1. Send Hall of Fame banquet information and inductee’s biographies to media outlets.

2. Develop creative ways to promote the image and growth of the Hall of Fame.

D. Fund Raising Committee:

1. Develop and promote fundraising activities.

E. Awards Committee:

1. Coordinate awards as designated by the Executive Board to recognize individuals, teams, and organizations that enhance girls' and women’s sports.

F. Membership Committee:

1. Solicit new members for the CWBHOF.

G. Web Network Committee:

1. Maintain the website of the CWBHOF.

H. Historian / Archivist Committee:

1. Collect and preserve pictures, publicity, constitution, and all items pertaining to the meeting.

2. Attend meetings and annual induction ceremony (April).



A. There will be three (2) categories of annual membership: Individuals - $25.00, Lifetime Memberships - $100.00.

B. The membership year shall be from May 1st to April 30th.


A. The Executive Director/ President shall implement amendment procedures. Amendments may be proposed by any member of the Board of Directors.

B. Proposals for amendments must be submitted in writing to the Executive Director/President at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which they are to be considered for adoption by the Board of Directors.

C. A proposed amendment shall be adopted upon receiving a two-thirds vote of the total Board of Directors in attendance. Proxy votes will be allowed.

D. All changes in the Constitution shall go into effect immediately upon adoption unless otherwise specified.



A. The Board of Directors and Nominating Committee shall meet annually and, when necessary, at the call of the Executive Director/ President. Meetings shall be conducted by Robert’s Rules of Order.



A. There shall be an examination of the Constitution with recommendations for revisions at least every five years.

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