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Towne, Cheryl

High School Player



Cheryl Towne was a true pioneer in Connecticut girls’ basketball. She played for Wamogo Regional High School (named for the towns of Warren, Morris, and Goshen) during the early 1960’s. Those were the years--long before Title IX, when there were six players on a team and only two of them could cross the “center line.”

Although exact statistics were not kept, Towne averaged 10- 15 points per game her freshman and sophomore years and she improved to 15-20 points per game in her junior and senior years. These numbers are all the more impressive when one considers how low-scoring most games were. Towne led Wamogo, one of the smallest high schools in the state, to two Berkshire League Championships. She was a League All-Star and in 1963, her senior year, she was selected the Berkshire League Female Athlete of the Year.

Towne earned her officials’ rating while in high school and would officiate the JV games, change her uniform, and then play in the varsity games.

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