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Robertson, Carol




Carol Robertson, in her own words, "just loved playing" the game of basketball. Unfortunately for Carol, as with many others here tonight, there were no female athletic programs offered when she attended high school, so she settled for playing in local recreational regional leagues. Not until she graduated from Milford High School and attended the University of Bridgeport did she get her chance to play for her school team, yet even then it was a very limited schedule.

It was through her involvement in the town of Milford's recreation leagues that she became interested in officiating. It was there that lifelong friend, Pat Mascia taught her how to officiate and gave her a start by inviting Carol to help referee the rec league games right alongside of her. Eventually Carol earned her officials' rating and went on to a successful career as one of Connecticut's most respected officials. From her start as a recreation league ref, she advanced to refereeing high school games and on to college games and tournaments. Highlights of her career include officiating the AIAW Regional tournament in New York and the AIAW national tournament in Boston.

Long after her playing days were over, she continued her involvement in basketball and other sports in many ways. She coached basketball at Bethel High School beginning in the late 1960's and continued through the 70's. She officiated high school volleyball, softball and field hockey. As if she wasn't already busy enough, she also coached softball and field hockey, spending 15 years guiding the Bethel field hockey team. Carol also spent many hours teaching officiating to others and encouraging them to go on to earn their ratings. Her advice to young players, coaches and referees would be to enjoy how far women's basketball has come but to keep striving for total equality with the men's game.

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