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Moffo, Pam

High School Coach



Pamela Moffo grew up in Middletown, RI, “playing with the neighborhood boys” and loved all sports. During her junior year, Bonnie Columpar and Jeannie Ingraham – two young, enthusiastic physical education teachers – arrived and volunteered to start a girls’ basketball team.

Pam was a rover [guard] on the six-player team and loved playing and being coached. It was during that junior year that Pam decided she wanted to be a coach and teach physical education and “try to do for other girls what these women had done for us.”

After high school, Pam attended Springfield College where she managed the basketball team and played softball, co-captaining the 1973 team. She graduated in 1973 – magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in physical education and health.

Pam became the Conard High School [West Hartford, CT] varsity girls’ basketball coach in 1973. During the next seven years, she led her squads to three undefeated CCIL league championships [1975, 1978, 1979] and the 1979 CIAC Class LL State Championship [24-0 overall record]. Pam describes that 1979 championship as her fondest basketball memory, saying that it was “the culmination of the dedication and hard work of all our kids, and having so many join us in that moment. I’ll never forget the people…past players, families, community members, teachers and coaches as we celebrated the wonderful honor and accomplishment together.”

Pam was honored as the 1980 CT High School Coaches’ Association Girls’ Basketball Coach of the Year. In 1993, she received the Connecticut Award from the Greater Hartford Hoop Club. Pam continues to be active in summer basketball camps and is the director of the Pam Moffo Basketball School.

Pam believes that basketball has provided her with life-changing challenges and rewards – lasting friendships, incredible mentors, loyal and dedicated colleagues, and the honor and privilege of working with the most wonderful players. Her advice to young players is to “learn the history of players who came before you, their contribution and how they made this possible for you. Treat the opportunity to participate as a privilege and work daily to be deserving.” Pam advises coaches to remember that “we are entrusted with the care and personal development of our players, and the opportunity to bring pride to our schools and communities. Treat each with respect, demonstrate humility and integrity, and work endlessly with as many as you can to attain and maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and character for the game we love, and the people who have made it great.”

Pam still teaches at Conard High School and is very active in the community. She was inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame in 2004.

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