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Meyers, Bob




Bob Meyers has been a part of CT basketball for more than 40 years. Bob played basketball and baseball at Stamford Catholic High School where he graduated seventh in the Class of 1961. Bob continued his education at Providence College where he obtained a degree in Science Education. Additional degrees were received from Fairfield University and Western Ct. State University.

Bob started officiating basketball to supplement his “meager” income as a science teacher. His love for basketball took on a new dimension as he gained success as a referee.

Bob began officiating high school games in Fairfield County during the 1968 season. Tournament time meant travelling around the state.

During his career, Bob was tapped to officiate six Connecticut State High School Final Games. He also officiated at The Orange Bowl Festival Div. 1 Tourney in 1980, the AIAW Div. I Tourney (1980) and the Ivy League Women’s Tourney Final (1982.)

Meyers was ranked as one of 50 “National” officials in 1979. He was honored as the 1991 Outstanding Official by the CT Collegiate Women’s Basketball Board and received the 1995 CBCBD Distinguished Service Award.

Bob’s fondest officiating memory occurred during the 1980 semi-finals of the Eastern AIAW Tourney. Shortly after the game, he was informed that the game was being protested by the Cheney State Coach, Vivian Stringer. After reviewing the video tape with the tournament officials, it was determined that his non-call near the end of the game had been correct, and that the protest was denied. The next night, just prior to his second game with Cheney State, Coach Stringer pulled him aside and congratulated him on his performance the previous night. He was elated!

Years of service allowed him to move up in the ranks and referee women’s games at the collegiate level for a number of seasons in CT, NY, NJ, PA, MA, and RI. Meyers was also invited to officiate many national tournaments throughout the Eastern United States.

He served as the local girls’ basketball rules interpreter for ten years and the CT state rules interpreter and a clinician for six years. Bob was a member of several officiated groups: IAABO # 9 (1969-75, 2003-present), CT College Women’s Basketball Board (1975-93), and CBCBO (1975-2003.)

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