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Mascia, Pat




Pat Mascia had an illustrious career as a coach, official, and advocate for girls’ sports. Mascia was a highly-regarded, nationally rated official who officiated at both high school and college lev-el games throughout the State. She was the chairperson of the Southwest Connecticut Board of Women Officials for four years. During those years, the chairperson was responsible for training and assigning officials, in addition to officiating games.

Mascia was the first woman appointed to the C.I.A.C. Officials’ Committee, a committee which standardized regulations for officiating at games and state tournaments. She was one of the pioneers who helped incorporate girls’ programs into the CIAC.

Throughout Mascia’s professional career as Director of Physical Education and Athletics at St. Mary’s High School of New Haven and Director of Girls’ Sports at Amity High School, her focus was always equity for girls’ athletics. In 1994, the New Haven Tap Off Club recognized her contributions to the sport of basketball.

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