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Kolinsky, Bo




Bo Kolinsky began his sports writing career with the Hartford Courant in 1973. Throughout his 28-year career, Bo concentrated primarily on state high school sports, including girls' basketball. In 1977, he was assigned responsibility for the Courant's statewide high school coverage. He was instrumental in initiating the All State/All Courant Athlete recognition program in 1983-1984. That program honors athletes in 21 sports. Bo's sincere interest in coaches and athletes, his incredible memory, and his warm sense of humor were among his greatest attributes.

Bo's contributions to high school athletics were recognized by almost every sports organization in Connecticut, including the Coaches' Association, which presented him with the Joseph Fontana Distinguished Service Award in 1984. In 1987, the Connecticut Association of Athletic Directors honored him with its Distinguished Service Award for work outside the field of athletics. The National High School Athletic Coaches’ Association recognized Bo with the District I Distinguished Service Award in 1996. He was inducted into dozens of Halls of Fame and was acknowledged by his peers with the Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance Art McGinley Award for meritorious service.

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