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Grossman, David




David Grossman officiated basketball in Connecticut from 1976 through 2011 as a member of the International Association of Approved Basketball Officials New Haven Board #10, the Connecticut Board of Certified Basketball Officials Districts II and IV, and the Women's Intercollegiate Basketball Officials' Association.

During his career, Dave served as President of New Haven Board #10, as Board Co-Interpreter, as a member of Board #10's Executive Committee, as Connecticut State Interpreter for Women's Basketball, and as a member of the Connecticut Board of Certified Basketball Officials' Executive Committee.

From 1981 to 2011, David Grossman officiated CIAC High School Championship games, eleven State High School Finals, five AAU National Championship games, and, in 1995, the Special Olympics' World Games.

"The art of officiating takes years of patient development," says Dave. “There is no short road to success.  One who is determined to succeed as a referee must sacrifice many pleasures of life and be willing to start at the bottom of the ladder.  Then, through study, observation and work, the necessary experience will be gained. Set your goals early, work toward them, and, when opportunities present themselves, be ready."

In 2005, the New Haven Tap-Off Club selected David Grossman its Official of the Year. In 2011, Dave received the CIAC Girls' Basketball Committee Merit Award, and, in 2014, the Connecticut AAU Girls' Basketball "Good Call" Award.

Now retired from officiating, David Grossman is Regional Director of the Vantis Life Insurance Company in Windsor, Connecticut.

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