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Beerbaum, Erika

High School Coach



After graduating from Southern Connecticut State College, Erika Beerbaum helped build a strong athletic program and “basketball tradition” at Lyman Hall High School in Wallingford. She was instrumental in the formation of the Girls’ Division of the Housatonic League. Beerbaum transferred across town to the newly built Sheehan High School in 1971.

The Sheehan athletic program flourished in the early seventies and in 1975, her basketball team won the Housatonic League Championship. The following Fall, Beerbaum’s volleyball team placed second in the Class M State Championship and in 1976, the Sheehan basketball team won the Class L State Championship. As a coach, Beerbaum expected her players to be totally committed to the program and to be “exceptional people” on and off the court. In 2005, she was inducted into the Mark T. Sheehan Hall of Fame.

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